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Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering Black Americans
to Build Generational Wealth

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About Us

The yes, the no and the maybe about forex tradingForex Opening Bell™ was founded by David Gray, a professional Forex trader and software developer. Most of David's research was through trial and error, computer brute force that was very labor intensive and thousands of dollars in research and development over a 11 year period.

Today, Forex Opening Bell™ is suited for all levels of Forex traders. However, our mission is to empower Black Americans to build generational wealth, using David's fully automated artificial intelligent trading software to successfully enter and exit the Forex market.

As a subscriber to Forex Opening Bell™, you will confidently enter and exit trades at the opening of each trading day, trade with tight equity management calculations and use pre-set trading goals to grow your business of building generational wealth.

The pros and cons of forex trading

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